Rental and Hire

Paragon Productions, Inc. (PPI) maintains a large and diverse inventory for rental and show production.  The inventory is all “in house”, we rarely rely on outside cross rental and add inventory on a regular basis.

Below is a select list of available gear.


Speaker Facing

L Acoustics V Dosc, dV Dosc, ARCS,  Syva, Syva Low

Fulcrum  Acoustics  TS 221 Dual  21" Subs

Vue Audiotechnik  H5, H8, HS20

Coda Audio   APS, APSn

Nexo PS-15

Amplification and Processing

L-Acoustics LA8 & LA4x, Lab Gruppen PLM 12k44, Lab Gruppen fp6400, Linea Research & Linus Amplification

Lake LM44, TC EQ Station, Clair Lake I/O & XTA DP 226 Signal Processing


Avid Profile, SC48, SC48 Remote with Stage 48

Yamaha CL5, CL1, QL1, PM5D-RH

Midas H -3000, XL-250, Venice-320

Monitor Systems

L-Acoustics 115FM, 112XT, and MTD 108a wedge monitors

Shure PSM 1000 & PSM 900 IEM systems with full antenna systems


          Shure ULXD & UHFR in both handheld
        and beltpack configuration with full 
        antenna systems. Capsules include
        KSM 9, KSM 8, Bets 87, Beta 58, SM 58,  
Headsets and Lavs. Hardwire mics from Shure,
        AT, Sennheiser, DPA, Audix, AKG.



MA2 Ultralite with Fader Wing and Additional ELO Touchscreens

Avolites Quartz, Tiger TouchII, Titan Mobile Wing


Robe DLX Spot

Chauvet Q Wash  560Z, Beam Wash, Colorado Panel, ColorDash Par Quad 18, Ovation LED Ellipsoidals 19 degree through 50 degree lens tubes


Truss and Rigging

1 ton and ton hoists with controllers
12" Box Truss, 20.5" Box Truss, PR Truss,
12" Cosmic Truss Triangular Truss




Projection Systems from 6K to 30K

Flat Screen monitors from 42" to 85"


AV  Franklin Full screen kits with masking and front and rear mats


Datavideo HS-1600T Mark II Portable Streaming Studio, PTC 140T & PTC 150T cameras

Black Magic Atem Television Studio

Roland V-1SDI